Africa Experience was born on the success of our other restaurant: Orient Experience.

We tell the story of the migrants’ journey through food, from Africa to the shores of Sicily. It is interesting to note that the Africa experience dishes are culturally “contaminated”, in the sense that the recipes have gradually evolved thanks to this incredible journey of people who have mixed flavors and also brought culinary culture.

About Us

The restaurant is located in St. Barnabas, a short walk from rafts and field in Santa Margherita. The interior is typical African, and you can sit in various local areas decorated differently. There are high chairs, low, and the local has plateatico and a 40in of seating. All the furnishings were built by the students themselves. Our clientele is international, by the Venetian historical customers up to the tourists intrigued by our reviews on tourist guides or newspapers.

Africa 360 degrees

By Africa experience there will be cultural events, exhibitions and readings of books and in the future we can accommodate cooking classes and Italian.

From 11 am to 11 of the kitchen evening non-stop, without closing days: you can visit us for lunch or dinner, or even just for a snack or a drink. From Africa experience the atmosphere is always welcoming!

Africa Experience

At the beginning of our adventure we created Master chef Africa, an event in which we have selected the three best chefs who are still working with us and they serve the best flavors of African tradition in the heart of Venice.

There is a presence of Africans of various dishes were, meat, vegetarian, vegan and ending with Sicilian pastries.

Meet our Staff

Taste would not be what it is without our staff.
They are the heartbeat.
The energy.
The passion.
The knowledge.
The compassion.

 +39 041 476 7865


Calle Lunga S. Barnaba, 2722, 30123 Venezia, Italy